November 18, 2010

By Sister Carren

Have you ever called someone a tree hugger or been called that? Is it a compliment? This is Julia who’s learning to love trees and connect with the life coursing through them and her and all of creation. For her sake (and our own) we must do what it takes now to have healthy forests that purify our air and sustain our life. She’s learning what we should already know: that all of creation is connected and what we do to one part of the web affects all. For the sake of her generation we must see the connection between a sustainable environment, spiritual fulfillment and social justice.The Sisters of Mercy have joined the Awakening the Dreamer initiative to better educate ourselves and those we influence, and to join with others working for systemic change on behalf of our planet and all the peoples on it.

This is our to wakeup call. Time is short.

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