July 12, 2012

By Sister Pat P.

Recently, I attended the Jubilee celebration of four Sisters of Mercy; one celebrating 50 years and three celebrating 60 years of service to God as a Sister of Mercy.  What a wonderful celebration!  What made it so great is that these women who saw so many changes in our church and knowing all that is still happening in our church were able to stand up and recommit their lives to Mercy and God’s service. 

It is so easy when we are young to make promises because we do not know what the future holds, but as we age and know what the lifestyle is, marriage or religious life, it is such a beauty and wonder to hear someone make their vows once again.

I ask anyone reading this, are you willing to live your life over again and make the same commitments?

Are you happy?  If yes, than God bless you and keep going forward.

If no, than what needs to change?  You are the only one that can change and make a difference in life.

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