Station II, Jesus Takes Up His Cross

March 3, 2017

By Sister Rose Weidenbenner

We are invited to walk with Jesus during this Lenten Season with the Stations of the Cross. Reflections written by Sisters of Mercy will be posted each Wednesday and Friday during Lent until Good Friday, April 14. We pray to find immeasurable Mercy as we walk these moments with Christ Jesus.


The Second Station: Jesus Takes Up His Cross

The Second Station: Jesus Takes Up His Cross

Sister Joan Chittister, OSB, says, “The call of the second station is no small mission. It requires us to live life consciously, to know what’s going on around us, to take some kind of responsibility, however small, for the welfare of others, for justice in the part of the universe we call our homes, our country, our world” (The Way of the Cross: The Path to New Life, 2013).

As followers of Jesus, we are called to take responsibility for immigrants and refugees; to stand in solidarity with those fleeing violence and extreme poverty, those who want a life for their children and families. Gloria is a DREAMer, a young woman who came with her family to the United States as a young child. She is hard-working, making a living for herself and her family. Gloria is family to me, like a sister or niece. Her faith and determination to take responsibility for herself and for others is much deeper than my own, as I rest on white privilege and the comfort of citizenship. Gloria is not taking anything away from me; she stands with me, here in the home she has known her whole life. Justice for all!  


Develop a language of hospitality, of welcome, and follow your words with action. There are immigrants living right around you. Recognize the strength and passionate faith within immigrant families. They left family and home to make seek a better life. Make them welcome; invite them to community events, church, etc. They, too, are your brothers and sisters.

Get up every morning and send an email to your senators and representatives asking— no, demanding—they enact comprehensive immigration reform now, allowing those seeking refuge in the United States (and those who are already here) to be able to come and make their home here. Persistence is key!

Accompany immigrants to their ICE check-ins. Volunteer or make donations to organizations working with immigrants.

Pray and reflect on the Stations of the Cross in order

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