Station III, Jesus Falls the First Time

March 8, 2017

By Sister Mary Ellen Twist

We are invited to walk with Jesus during this Lenten Season with the Stations of the Cross. Reflections written by Sisters of Mercy will be posted each Wednesday and Friday during Lent until Good Friday, April 14. We pray to find immeasurable Mercy as we walk these moments with Christ Jesus.


The third station, Jesus falls the first time

The third station, Jesus falls the first time

Jesus, how humiliating this must have been for you—to trip and fall flat on the ground in front of crowds taunting you. I can only imagine that as you first took up the ugly, rough-hewn cross you may have steeled yourself with the notion that, in spite of the whipping you had already endured, you could see yourself strong right through to the end. How horrified you must have felt with this very public and painful failure, not only of your physical strength but also of your psychological determination.

Did you realize that you could not bear this pain alone?

How frightening it is to know such defeat! Our human need to survive is equaled by our yearning to succeed. Jesus’ humanity is no different from our own in this regard. God created us to be survivors, to bear much pain, deal with it and continue on, but in the context of the human community. We cannot bear it all alone. Even along the road to Calvary, Jesus met those empowered by God’s Spirit to reach out, touch him and lift him up in love.

Jesus, you have freed us through your passion, death and resurrection to know the power of your Paschal Mystery in our life journey with one another.

Call to Action

During this Lenten season may we be vigilant to our opportunities to reach out, touch and lift up people who have fallen ill or upon hard times in their families, work or personal lives. It may simply be a phone call or a handwritten note or, perhaps, a personal visit with a flower or a batch of cookies that touches hearts with the realization that the incarnate love of God is alive among us.

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