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July 12, 2012

By Sister Pat P.

Recently, I attended the Jubilee celebration of four Sisters of Mercy; one celebrating 50 years and three celebrating 60 years of service to God as a Sister of Mercy.  What a wonderful celebration!  What made it so great is that these women who saw so many changes in our church and knowing all that is still happening in our church were able to stand up and recommit their lives to Mercy and God’s service.  Read More »

May 19, 2011

By David and Sharon, JustFaith Ministries

For eight weeks, 10 members of Mary Queen of Peace parish in Sammamish, WA, looked long and hard at the world’s use of energy, our dependence on oil, and our consumer-based economy that is built on throw-away goods. The overarching question they asked was: what kind of humans will we be as we go through the ecological crisis?

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May 18, 2011

By Gary Loncki

Sister Linda McCutcheon professed final vows

Sister Linda is one who believes in the value of a journey, where it leads and what you can learn from it. To hear her tell it, professing perpetual vows as a Sister of Mercy is her life coming full circle. Read More »

May 13, 2011

By Sister Cynthia S.

Do you want to meet women who do that every day of their lives?

Then go looking for some Roman Catholic sisters in your neighborhood, at your school, or in your church. Take some time to talk with them. You might be surprised by what you learn about their lives.

You might know a sister who teaches all day every day, and perhaps after school or on weekends as well. But do you know that she may also be deeply involved in advocacy on any number of social justice issues? Ask her about the death penalty, about immigration, or about what’s happening in Darfur. See how her responses turn inside out what you might have thought about nuns.

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May 4, 2011

By Sister Mary P.

With moral authority, the youth of our country are asking our leaders and each of us: “Do we matter to you?”

They posed this question last week in two ways: the filing of a lawsuit against the U.S. government for failing to take action against global warming, and a series of marches around the world.

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August 26, 2010

By Sister Carren

For many months we’ve been living through the phases of the Apostolic Visitation of women religious in the United States and the investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR). I have this feeling that any moment the hammer will fall punishing women religious for something. That’s not a very comfortable feeling, especially when I feel we’re following how God is leading us to renew our lives. Read More »

August 24, 2010

By Sister Phyllis Z.

While on retreat last week I was reflecting on the quilt that I was making, “Grandmother’s Flower Garden”, which reminded me a lot of my own life and Mercy Spirituality. Over 5,000 hexagons, one by one, are stitched together into a magnificent whole – every flower uniquely different from each other.

The pattern reflects the infinite variety of services boldly developed by Sisters of Mercy around each of the spiritual and corporal works of Mercy in order to meet the needs of the poor, sick and uneducated throughout our history. Read More »

August 19, 2010

By Sister Carolyn B.

How did I end up hugging a redwood tree in California and who is that other sister in the picture?

Last month I had the gift of attending the Internship in Spiritual direction at Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA.  It was a wonderful time of experiencing God’s presence in all aspects of life.  We had a great team of presenters and mentors who prepared us to assist others in discovering God’s action in their lives.  We also had a marvelous group of participants from all over the United States and four foreign countries.  Each one had a unique and inspiring story to share. Read More »

August 3, 2010

By Sister Carolyn Mary 

Several times a year I travel for the Center for Ministry Development as an adjunct faculty member teaching two of the eight classes needed for their National Certification:  Leadership Skills for Youth Ministry or Skills in Pastoral Care.

This week I have been in Helena, Montana working with some of the youth ministers of the Diocese teaching, Leadership Skills in Youth Ministry. During these weekends I find myself with Catholic adults who are eager to learn how to help the young people of the church.  Some are parents, grandparents, young adults or college students who want to serve the church by working with her youth. I find these classes so exciting and filled with great love of the church and with a strong desire to share it with its younger members. Read More »

August 3, 2010

By Sister Carolyn B.

About 400 sisters, associates, guests and staff cheered as Claudia Cano became Sister Claudia Cano at our South Central Community Assembly in June.  It was a wonderful experience to be one of the many sisters who welcomed her and promised to support her in this important step on her journey with us.  What brought her to this moment in her life? Read More »