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April 29, 2014

By Kelly

Kelly helped over 120 people file their income taxes at St. Mary’s Center.

Kelly helped over 120 people file their income taxes at St. Mary’s Center.

Answering the call I heard in my heart to pursue my vocation with the Sisters of Mercy has taken me places I never would have imagined. Specifically, it brought me to income taxes.

When I began my formal discernment process, I realized that my lifestyle would have to change, and as I became open to follow where God led, I moved back to my hometown of Savannah, Georgia. I had a volunteer position to substitute for one of the Mercy high school religion teachers for a month. As my month of teaching was drawing to a close, I had a meeting with my vocations director, Sister Sue W., and she said, “Well, Kell, now that you’re teaching position is winding down, what’s next?” I had absolutely no idea. She told me that Sister Pat B. was looking for volunteers to prepare taxes for two months and if I had the time I should look into it.   Read More »

February 26, 2014

By Catherine Walsh, Communication Specialist, Sisters of Mercy Northeast Community

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I was filled with anticipation upon arriving at Flowing River Mercy Place, the cozy home of Mercy Sisters Suzanne Lachapelle and Judith Oliver on Indian Island in Maine. This former rectory is filled with Native American art, crafts and images of saints, including Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American saint. It also serves as the heart of the Immersion Experiences that Sisters Sue and Judy hold for non-native people as a way to combat racism in all its forms, one of the five Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.

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February 19, 2014

By Sister Mary Q.

Students from St. Michael’s College and from the Boys and Girls Club of Burlington, VT gather for a photo with Sisters Mary Q. (holding cat) and Betty S.

Students from St. Michael’s College and from the Boys and Girls Club of Burlington, VT gather for a photo with Sisters Mary Q. (holding cat) and Betty S.

In keeping with the mission of Mercy Farm, which is “to instill reverence for Earth and to work toward the sustainability of Life by acting in harmony with all creation,” programs and projects offered engage students according to education and age levels.

On October 5, six students from St. Michael’s College in Winooski, VT, and four high school students from the Boys and Girls Club of Burlington, VT visited Mercy Farm (located in Benson, VT) for the day. Following a brief description of the farm, Sister Betty S. showed a segment of the video, Queen of the Sun, which examines the catastrophic disappearance of bees worldwide. She led students in a discussion by asking “What are the bees telling us?  How is their crisis our crisis?”   Read More »

November 13, 2013

By Greg C., Mercy High School Staff

Mercy High School, San FranciscoMy closest friends and I have a playlist of songs that remind us of each other; songs that we have listened to at least once a year since we met 14 years ago. One of the songs references the “days that changed my life.” Since the stroke of my good friend Becky, I’ve been reflecting on my life-changing days. As it turns out, they are not all tragic, scary or sad. In fact most of the days that changed my life in the last few years have been incredibly positive and affirming—and many of those days came at Mercy High School.
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November 12, 2013

By Kara M., Carlow University Student

A Cup of Tea“A comfortable cup of tea,” Catherine McAuley said, was a way to heal you, to counsel you, to warm your spirit. Tea is the passage to good health, happiness and wisdom. The fermenting and steaming of tea leaves has endless flavor possibilities and mental health benefits. A holistic approach to health through tea allows us to become in tune to our body’s natural existence, without the influence of harmful chemicals or alterations.
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June 14, 2013

By Carol H., Mercy Associate

lunch program1After watching and being touched by the Mercy Medical Van coming each week to bring care to our suffering homeless, the Summer Lunch Program was started.  As a retired teacher, I knew many children did not get a lunch during the summer months. So, for the first summer, together the Ministries United in Service and Training (MUST) staff in Atlanta packed 20 lunch bags and I delivered them each weekday to a housing project. The next year, churches and community began to send sacked lunches to our program. Now, after many summers of the program, MUST volunteers and staff prepare and deliver 189,678 sack lunches to children in low-income location.

The Mercy sisters also started the clinic at MUST. Daily, as I pray from my Mercy Prayer Book before I go out to deliver lunches, I give thanks for the example the Mercy sisters give as they bring love and hope to the suffering poor.

Often, soon after my daily delivery, I think about the experience and write a short reflection over it.  The following is one of my reflections….. Read More »

April 26, 2013

By Lincoln S.,

Sisters of Mercy and Mercy Associates on border immersion, service learning experience - Laredo, Texas

Sisters of Mercy and Mercy Associates on border immersion, service learning experience – Laredo, Texas

This past month, a small group of Sisters of Mercy and Mercy Associates joined others for an immersion, service-learning experience along the U.S.-Mexico border. I recall the faces and the stories of the women and men we met—mostly homeless, mentally ill, hungry, sick, alone, or afraid. In a sort of holy restless way, their images continue to haunt me. I pray that the tenderness with which each of us tried to meet human suffering offered consolation to these our struggling sisters and brothers. Human trafficking, border safety, immigration reform, healthcare, and ecology were just some of the complex issues we addressed during our week in South Texas.

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April 12, 2013

By Karen D.

Karen Duke, Guyana trip 2013 photo 2-croppedKaren D. is an undergraduate student at Mount Aloysius College in Cresson, PA, a Mercy-sponsored college. She, along with nine other Mount Aloysius students, recently participated in a service trip to Guyana, organized by Sister Nancy Donovan, director of campus ministry. In Guyana, the students volunteered at Sisters of Mercy’s St. Joseph’s Mercy hospital, a local nursing home; and at the Sisters of Mercy’s St. John Bosco orphanage for boys.

To be chosen for the Mount Aloysius College Guyana Service Trip of 2013 was very surreal.  I was unsure of what was expected of us and of what to expect on our adventure. Needless to say, it was a very exciting time for all of us!!!

Our trip to Guyana was an amazing journey.  To be immersed in another culture so different from ours has changed my perspective on life.  We as Americans complain and may become angry if we have to go without something we want.  For many Guyanese, many go without things they need and yet are happy. I found their outlook and attitude in general is very different from ours in the states. The old adage “less is more,” rings true in a case like this.
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April 8, 2013

Amy (far right), director of Ministry and Service at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School, with Gwynedd Mercy students

Amy (far right), director of Ministry and Service at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School, with Gwynedd Mercy students

By Amy C.

My journey with the Sisters of Mercy began in 1992 when I was six years old and walked into Waldron Mercy Academy in Merion, PA. I continued with my Mercy education through high school at Merion Mercy Academy where I graduated in 2004.  The Sisters of Mercy always had a very strong impact on my life.  During my long exposure to the Sisters of Mercy, my admiration for these amazing women and the foundress of their order, Catherine McAuley, grew exponentially. It always astonished me how dedicated the Sisters of Mercy were to the students they taught, and how they practiced Catherine McAuley’s life lessons through their every day actions.

During my time studying Theology at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, I took a service learning course on Saint Ignatius’s life and realized that service learning is the best way to bridge the gap from classroom content to real world experience. Read More »

April 1, 2013

By Sister Deirdre Mullan, PhD, Executive Director
Partnership for Global Justice at the United Nations

I had the privilege of visiting Mercy High School in Omaha, Nebraska during the last days of February 2013. I had met some of the girls with their teacher Kristi Wessling at a workshop earlier in the year and they had invited me to “come and see.”  I sensed their pride and feel blessed that I took up their invitation!

Genevieve Jesse, Meg Maynard, Sr. Deirdre Mullan, RSM, Dani Lamer, Becky Wessling, and Calla Kessler

Genevieve Jesse, Meg Maynard, Sister Deirdre Mullan, Dani Lamer, Becky Wessling, and Calla Kessler

The minute I walked through the doors of this amazing school, I immediately sensed something different.  My Mercy DNA went into high-alert mode.  I was indeed standing on “Holy Ground.”
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