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A Post-Election Call for Healing

November 09, 2016

The Sisters of Mercy call on candidates and voters alike to commit to healing the deep rifts within the country that have been exposed over the past few months leading up to yesterday’s U.S. election.

For nine days leading up to the election, we prayed for a safe and secure election and for respectful discussions among those holding differing opinions about the direction of the country. We now pray “that the people of the United States put aside all disappointments, anger, negativity, anguish and doubt, and pledge to work toward a peaceful transfer of power.”

We hope that as Americans, regardless of party affiliations and ideologies, we can work together to address the immense challenges facing our country. Income inequality, racial injustice, climate change, a broken immigration system and so many other pressing issues require the energy and talents of each one of us.

With our faith and secular partners, the Sisters of Mercy will continue to raise up the moral voice to counter divisive public policies and rhetoric. We also will be diligent about surfacing stories of the victims of harmful political, social and economic structures and lifting up hope for alternative, life-giving systems.

Most of all, we remind our leaders of Pope Francis’ words, in his encyclical Laudato Si, that “true statecraft is manifest when, in difficult times, we uphold high principles and think of the long-term common good” rather than short-term political and economic gains.

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