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Justice for Breonna Taylor

September 25, 2020


We were reminded again on Wednesday that there are two systems of Justice in our nation. One for people of white, another for our sisters and brothers who are Black, Brown and Native American. The latter continues to communicate that Black Lives DO NOT Matter. It is this system that failed Breonna Taylor, a Black woman, as the Grand Jury verdict demonstrated greater concern for stray bullets shot into adjacent homes than the one bullet, identified as being shot by Officer Myles Cosgrove, which claimed the life of Breonna Taylor. While we are angered by this verdict, we are not surprised. And our resolve is further reinforced to continue efforts for full justice reform and a society that will consistently demonstrate a value for Black Lives.

As M. Joanna Regan, RSM, a historian of Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, wrote “[Mercy] is to feel within [our] own heart the pain of another.” We are reminded of this sentiment as we are most certain, Ms. Taylor’s family and all who loved her are sitting with the pain of her death, now compounded by Wednesday's Grand Jury verdict. We, as a community of Mercy, as best we can, carry their immense pain in our hearts.

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