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Mercy ACTs to End Racism

March 30, 2018

The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, out of a commitment to deepen our response to racism in society and within our community, have endorsed the A.C.T to End Racism rally in Washington, D.C. on April 4. This event marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Like other endorsing faith organizations, the Sisters of Mercy view this rally as another step in the journey toward eradicating the entrenched racism that grips the United States. It also is an opportunity to renew Mercy’s particular commitment to eliminate personal, communal and institutional racism while working to dismantle structures, policies and processes that oppress.

Addressing racism is one of the Sisters of Mercy’s critical concerns, resolving to foster an anti-racist identity and dismantle all forms of institutional racism. To further our internal commitment to addressing this issue, hundreds of sisters, lay associates and co-workers have already participated in a series of educational and in-depth analysis workshops to deepen their own personal understanding of racism.

The Sisters of Mercy will work with our faith partners to A.C.T. on April 4 and beyond to: Awaken to the truth of the ever-present reality of racism, Confront racism and stand against injustice, and Transform hearts, minds and behaviors of people and structures.

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