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Mercy Responds to Pope's Call for Dialogue and Building Bridges to Address Social Justice Issues

September 30, 2015

The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas celebrate Pope Francis’ visit to the United States September 22-27 and his call for dialogue and building of bridges to confront global inequality, violent conflicts, climate change and mass migration.

We share his concerns for the rights of people who are excluded and his concerns about the misuse of natural resources and the deterioration of the environment. With the Pope, we envision authentic development that includes education, shelter, labor and spiritual freedom for all.

In the United States, we urge legislators to heed Pope Francis' call to Congress to welcome "the stranger in our midst," especially those "traveling north" from Central America in search of safety and opportunities for their families. We stand with him in opposing the death penalty and the international arms trade that causes so much suffering. Committed to confronting racism within our own institutions and society at large, we applaud Pope Francis' tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream of full rights for all.

Like Pope Francis, we are scandalized by human trafficking, the marketing of human organs and the invisible suffering caused by the international drug trade. We support his challenge to the international community to ensure development that avoids oppressive lending practices that create poverty, exclusion and dependence. We join him in calling for the complete prohibition of nuclear weapons, and for effective responses to the plight of refugees and others displaced by violent conflicts throughout the Middle East and parts of Africa. And like Pope Francis, we expect world leaders to adopt strong greenhouse gas reduction commitments later this year and then develop concrete, practical steps to reduce the impacts of climate change and to root out unjust structures that are destroying our environment and creating suffering for so many people.

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