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Mercy Students March for Their Lives

April 02, 2018

On March 24, students from Mercy high schools and universities, along with Sisters of Mercy, Mercy teachers, Mercy Associates and Mercy co-workers, joined millions of others in Washington, DC and in more than 800 other cities across the United States and around the world to demonstrate against gun violence and laws that have allowed this violence to become so pervasive. We marched in solidarity with the victims of violence and called for meaningful reform.

The voices of our students speak loud and clear…

The March for Our Lives represented our commitment to non-violence and the intense passion of a generation that I am extremely proud to be a part of. We are the future of this country and it is crucial for us to speak up to create the future we want to live in – one without senseless mass shootings that should have been prevented.
- Caroline Brady, Mount Saint Mary Academy (high school) Watchung, New Jersey

I march for the 17 lives lost on February 14th, and the thousands lost to gun violence in America yearly. For survivors, fighters, and the future, I march. For every child who’s texted their parents ‘I love you’ from under a desk, I march. So that my kids will never have to practice a lockdown drill, and will only know schools to be places of learning, friendship, and love, I march.
- Liz Walters, Mercy High School, Omaha, Nebraska

I didn't go to Washington D.C for a Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, or Ariana Grande concert; I went to Washington D.C to support our current student leaders. Hearing and joining Samantha Fuentes sing Happy Birthday to Nicholas Dworet, a friend of hers who would have turned 18, was indescribable. Standing with Emma Gonzalez in silence for 6 minutes and 20 seconds to truly reflect and understand how long the shooting rampage took spoke louder than words. Our flag may be red, white, and blue, but that shouldn't allow us to split into red and blue 'parties' when it comes to stricter gun laws and the safety of the children in our schools.
-Christine Maber, Georgian Court University, Lakewood, New Jersey

As a future teacher, I find it inspiring that local students and teachers were the primary organizers of this event. Teaching should not be an unsafe profession. We must stand together and demand change to make our schools safe again.
-Taylor Cavaretta, Mercyhurst University, Erie, PA

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