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Pray and Take Action for Victims of the Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

October 02, 2017

The Sisters of Mercy join in prayer for the victims and families of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend. Once again, this tragedy confronts us with violence made deadly by access to assault weapons.

We lament that the litany of horrific tragedies grows ever longer, requiring yet another calling forth for a culture of nonviolence.  Orlando, Charleston, San Bernardino, Sandy Hook, to name just a few – as well as the daily gun violence in our communities – all weigh heavy on our hearts.

We join in prayer as a way to ask our God, “How do I respond?”

Our God calls on us to comfort those whose hearts and spirits are broken. God calls us to love our neighbors. God calls us to respond with love to hate and fear.  How will each one of us answer this call to encourage the healing we so desperately need?

Prayer: Let The Shooting End

Take Action: Day of Action for Las Vegas


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