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Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Affirm Support for Global Climate Action

September 16, 2019

We are inspired and motivated by the thousands of people around the world in more than 117 countries who have committed to participating in Friday’s Global Climate Strike to demand climate justice.

This movement, led by courageous young people like Greta Thunberg and embraced by students in our own Mercy schools, reinvigorates our call to act in harmony and interdependence with all of creation. Mercy student Ava Rabiner of St. Mary Academy - Bay View says, “the young people of the world more than ever need to come together and advocate for the value of their own lives. We are the recipients of this burden, and it is our time to right wrongs.”

Our planet and impacted communities are crying out, and as people of faith, we must demand an end to the age of fossil fuels and encourage our leaders to adopt practical solutions to begin healing our earth. It is fitting that the Global Climate Strike falls during the Season of Creation—a time when Pope Francis calls us to celebrate with prayer, lifestyle changes and prophetic actions.

The climate crisis is a moral crisis that requires all of us to grow in our own awareness of complicity. The Sisters of Mercy are actively working to curb climate change by adopting measures to reduce our own greenhouse-gas emissions and to advocate for bigger solutions in international agreements and in national, state and local public policies.

Friday, as young people and adults alike actively participate through prayer services, assemblies and marches, let our collective voices sound the alarm to a house on fire and of a people ready to act.

--Institute Leadership Team

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