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Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Encourage Participation in the 2020 Election

October 13, 2020

"A good Catholic meddles in politics…” —Pope Francis 

As Pope Francis reminds us, getting involved in politics is critically important. This year in the United States, millions of Americans will make their voices heard by voting. As an order of women religious with a deep-rooted faith in Social Catholic Teaching and social justice advocacy, we encourage everyone within our Mercy Family and beyond to vote! 

For the members, associates, companions, staff and friends of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, each election presents us with the opportunity to exercise our faithful citizenship and bring some of the Mercy values, especially those found in our Critical Concerns, into the national conversation. Our values are not just represented in what and who we vote for, but that we vote at all and how we work to ensure that all others have the opportunity to vote and votes are counted. 

In particular, our Critical Concern of Anti-Racism specifically calls us to “advocate for upholding voting rights of marginalized Americans.”  This year we ask you to #VoteWithMercy and to share that message with others as they consider how they cast their ballots and make important ballot choices.


To prepare for the election, we have created this prayer intention calendar. We invite you to take time each day until the election to turn your hearts to a daily prayer intention.  


To learn more about how, where, and when to vote visit this link.


  • Please review the following as you consider what it means to vote through a lens of Catholic Social Teaching and the Mercy Critical Concerns. (View document here)
  • Mercy recently joined other faith leaders through the Heads of Washington Offices (HOWO) in a joint statement on election integrity. (View statemen here)
  • In preparation for consideration of candidates for the election and how Mercy will engage with those who are elected, the following framing document from the 2016 midterm was updated as part of work with other Catholic organizations. (View document here)
  • Read our blogs about voting and the election HERE

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