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Sisters of Mercy Respond to Oval Office Address

January 09, 2019

Last night's speech by President Trump was another, in a long list of speeches, rooted in untruths, fear and division.

It is particularly troubling that a speech of this nature comes while the Church recognizes , a moment to reflect upon the desperate and harrowing circumstances confronting migrants, immigrants, and refugees. Neither the continued government shutdown nor a declaration of national emergency aimed at funding a wall will correct years of failed U.S. immigration policy, or ameliorate the U.S.’s role in the root causes of migration.

Make no mistake, there is a humanitarian crisis on the border, but it is one of the Trump Administration’s own making. One where asylum-seekers are forced to wait in dangerous and unhealthy conditions for weeks while their asylum claims are assessed and decided.

Let us be clear: This is not the time to close our borders or build walls. Now is the time to stop the fear mongering and demonstrate our shared humanity in how we respond to our sisters and brothers in Christ. We are at a pivotal moment in history, one that asks our nation to reflect and act justly upon what it truly means to welcome the stranger. Our faith demands that we not be on the wrong side of history.

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