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Virtual Prayer Vigil for Jacob Blake

August 24, 2020

The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas invite you to join us today in a virtual prayer vigil for Jacob Blake.

Yesterday, Jacob Blake was shot in his back multiple times by Kenosha Police Officer, Luke Courtier, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in front of his three young sons. Mr. Blake is currently in the Intensive Care Unit fighting for his life, and we ask that you join us and his family, friends, and community in prayer for his recovery.  

As we pray, we acknowledge the unimaginable impact of this trauma on his sons and all who bear witness to this shooting. We lift our grave concerns about how this trauma, and others like it, haunts the daily lives our Black sisters and brothers.

We pray for Mr. Blake's recovery, for his fiancé, for his three young children, family, friends, and the broader community.  We pray for a dismantling of systemic racism, and for the day when we no longer must bear witness to these types of horrors.

May God hold all in a healing embrace of love and comfort.

Will you pray with us?

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