Sister Mary Julia Godwin, Age 92

South Central

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Sister Mary Julia Godwin entered the Sisters of Mercy in 1949 and chose as her motto “Jesus Through Mary.” After studying nursing at Mercy Hospital for two years, she transitioned to education. 

Sister Julia taught at many Catholic schools in North Carolina over the years, including Sacred Heart in Salisbury, St. Gabriel and St. Patrick in Charlotte, St. Michael’s in Gastonia and St. Eugene in Asheville. She also taught at St. Agnes in Greenport, New York. In addition, she ministered for several years at Nazareth Orphanage in Raleigh, North Carolina, and at Holy Angels in Belmont, North Carolina.

After retiring from active ministry, she wrote the history of Nazareth Orphanage and the genealogy of her family. She was known as a quiet person who prayed and worked with others quietly. Mostly, she was known for her friendships and service to others.

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