Mercy is a Sense of Hope

June 10, 2015

By Northeast Community Communications

Meet Mercy Associate Mary Sliney. She is the executive director of The Way Home, a nonprofit dedicated to helping lower-income families and individuals obtain and keep safe, affordable housing throughout the state of New Hampshire.

“My quest in life was to love God and serve the poor,” she says, explaining how she came to know the Sisters of Mercy.

The experience of homelessness takes an incredible toll on a person: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If you encounter someone who is homeless, show mercy. In these hot summer months, you might offer a cold bottle of water. Also, save the number for your local shelter or shelter hotline on your cell phone in case you see someone outside suffering from heat.

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  1. Regina Fahy

    Mary, I was so inspired to hear you on the blog. You spoke so well and with such conviction in what your ministry is all about . When I heard your story I was so proud that you are part of our Mercy family

  2. Amy Hoey, RSM

    Mary is – and has been for all the years I’ve known her – the “real deal.” I’m proud to be her sister.

  3. Assunta M. Riley

    Thank you Mary, for emboding in yourself and in the work you do, The Spirit of Mercy.
    The Way Home, truly is..The healing power of Christ, reaching out to those most in need, bringing hope and peace.

    I am so happy and grateful for your vibrant, loving presence in our Mercy Family.

  4. Lucille MacDonald, RSM

    Thank you Mary for your sharing… certainly “live” the 4th vow!