Be You, Be Mercy! Reflections on Mercy Challenge

June 14, 2017

By Amy, Brittany and Alyssa—2017 Mercy Challenge participants

“True mercy is, so to speak, the most profound source of justice. … Mercy that is truly Christian is also … the most perfect incarnation of ‘equality’ between people.” – St. Pope John Paul II

Amy works with two residents at Misericordia.

From May 21 to 26, three young women and four Sisters of Mercy gathered in Chicago, Illinois, for Mercy Challenge. Mercy Challenge provides an opportunity for young women discerning religious life to get to know the diversity of the spirit of Mercy. During the week, the sisters and discerners live together in community and engage with a local ministry. The 2017 Mercy Challenge participants engaged in ministry at Misericordia, a Chicago community for persons who are differently abled.

The witness of mercy at Misericordia is revealed through a model of quality of life, connection, responsibility and spirituality. During our week as discerners and sisters we volunteered at different areas across this 600-resident campus. Accompanied by the residents and staff we worked in the gardens, bakery, laundry, coffee roaster and packaging, art department, recycling, skill development center and classrooms. Daily prayer and mass enriched and strengthened the community to serve and learn from one another.  

As a Mercy Challenge discerner, I encountered caring eyes and hearts that desires to respect the dignity of each person. God’s grace and movement was present in the patience the Misericordia residents gifted me. The Misericordia annual “Artist in All” event gave testimony to the responsibility of committed staff who work side-by-side with residents to help them be their best. I was humbled by the miracle of Misericordia, where all residents and staff live as a supportive community.

Mercy Challenge provides the opportunity to experience the diversity of Mercy ministries and a space to share who you are as a young woman discerning religious life. Be you, be Mercy!

Sisters of Mercy and Mercy Challenge participants pose for a picture at Misericordia.

The two other young women who participated in Mercy Challenge, Brittany and Alyssa, shared reflections via video.

Brittany’s Video Reflection

Alyssa’s Video Reflection

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