God’s Message Is Always About Welcoming

December 28, 2018

By Sister Diane Guerin

Sister Diane Guerin is heading to the U.S./Mexico border this January. She shares this reflection on migration and the Christmas season in preparation for her trip and as a reminder of what the story of Jesus’ birth is truly about.

The voices of the angels singing “Glory to God in the Highest” was still echoing in Mary’s ears as she greeted the arrival of the Magi. Her heart was full of wonder and love as she gazed at her newborn child. What the future would hold remained a mystery whose unfolding would come with time.

It would not be long before another different and dangerous journey would begin. One can only imagine the desperation and fear that she and Joseph experienced when they learned that the life of their newborn child was in danger. They would have to flee immediately and return home by a different route. In an instant they were now refugees seeking safety and shelter as they set out on their journey.

How like the refugees making their way to the southern border of the United States! They, too, are fleeing oppressive governments, violence and the militarization of their countries. Refugees seeking safety and shelter, much like the fleeing Holy Family of Nazareth. How are they received?

God’s message is always about welcoming. It may not be the fleeing refugees at the border. It might well be someone you encounter everyday. Welcome and shelter go hand in hand like a loving gaze and an embrace. It is merely:

An invitation
a response
An openness
allowing someone to just “be”
no strings attached
to embrace or to let go
Gathering in and holding close
the offering of

Having experienced the awesomeness of welcome and shelter, I ask –how have I done the same for another?

May this season of joy find you welcomed and embraced by God’s infinite love. May gratitude impel you to reach out and offer welcome, safety and shelter to another, embracing them with the gift of love you have received.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Patricia Cook

    Thanks so much, dear Diane, for going to the Southern border …in my

    name! I cannot tell you how grateful I am and promise the support of

    my prayer as you walk in faith and hope.

    Peace, Patty Cook, RSM

  2. Jackie Moreau

    Thanks Diane for your simple words.
    Danger, distress extend welcome and help.

  3. Renee Yann

    Powerful and beautiful, Diane. Take our love and healing to the border. Give Anne our immense encouragement.

  4. Tanda Ainsworth

    Spiritual words of wisdom and love.

  5. Claudia Ward

    Beautiful Diane! Blessings to you as you travel to the U.S./Mexico border next month!!! Thanks so much for all you do for those most in need … sending prayers and love.

  6. Natalie Rossi

    Many prayers and blessing for you and those who will be going to the border.

  7. Pat

    Thank you, Diane, for your challenge to be a “welcomer” to anyone I meet each day.

  8. Elizabeth Krogman

    Just beautiful! Awakening so many perspectives. Thank you.

  9. Mary Anne Basile

    Thanks Diane for responding with love and generosity to the cry of the poor and marginalized. Your words stir in my heart and I pray that our dear friend Patti Jo accompany you on this journey. My prayers and love are with you and all of those displaced men, women and children. God be with you.