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Which Souls have left memorable “footprints” on your life?

November 2, 2009

By Sister Claudia Ward

Some people come into our lives and quickly go … some stay for a while, leaving footprints on our hearts … and we are never … ever … the same. –Anonymous

Today many Christians throughout the world celebrate All Souls Day, a day of remembering, and praying for, the “faithfully departed” souls.  What Souls have left memorable “footprints” on your life? Read More »

Buying Toilet Paper – A Decision in Justice?

November 2, 2009

By Rose Marie 

Is buying toilet paper a justice issue? A few weeks ago, I saw an article in the local newspaper about how most toilet paper is made from old growth trees. Read More »

Being a Sister of Mercy

October 31, 2009

By Sister Michelle 

Saturday (Halloween) I joined my “Mercy Circle” for an all day gathering at a house we use for meetings and private retreats in St. Louis.  There were 8 of us discussing what our South Central Community’s priorities should be in the coming year or so. One thing I love about our Community is the honesty with which each person shares while always showing gentleness and respect for each other person in the circle. It is such a joy and grace to have people to whom I belong and with whom I share the deepest values of my life.

Read More »

Halloween or Hallows’ Eve? You decide.

October 31, 2009

By Sister Pat

Well, doors will be knocked on and bells will ring. Some of us will want the evening to end so we can relax and others will look forward to the evening because they will have a chance to meet a little saint. Read More »

Where Were You on October 30th?

October 30, 2009

By Sister Carren

I was in a beautiful woods in a state park in Ohio.

For several weeks I was feeling the need for solitude and nature, so I blocked off 24 hours in my schedule and headed to the woods. God favored me with a warm autumn day. The trees were in various stages of turning color with leaves falling. The sounds of nature was all I could hear. It was easy to lift my heart and mind to God, and I felt God speaking clearly to me through the trees, evergreens, fallen logs and trickling water. It was balm for my soul and gave me a needed perspective on my daily challenges. How About You? Does the change of seasons bring a message to your heart?

What is a House of Hospitality?

October 30, 2009

By Sister Carolyn B.

Two Sisters of Mercy and a Candidate welcomed me to their recently formed House of Hospitality in New Orleans this week.  A House of Hospitality is a place where a woman exploring the possibility of religious life can experience first hand what a Mercy community is like. We had a wonderful time sharing our stories and exploring ways that we can share our life and spirituality. Read More »

Welcome to the Conversation!

October 15, 2009

By Sister Patti

I have the privilege today of writing the first blog for “Connect with Mercy.” I want to welcome all those who have found this blog and hope you will continue to visit often. We want this to be a conversation to answer your questions and let you know who we are. Read More »