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Despertar en Honduras

January 22, 2016

Por la Hermana Sister Deborah Kern

Members of the delegation to Honduras with youth from Casa Alianza, a program that works with youth on the streets.

Miembros de la delegación a Honduras con jóvenes de Casa Alianza, un programa que trabaja con jóvenes de la calle.

Por varios años, he querido visitar y escuchar las historias y experiencias de algunas de las personas que palpan la Misericordia a través de nuestras hermanas en Honduras. En diciembre 2015, tuve la oportunidad de realizar esa visita como parte de una delegación de seis días, organizada a través de la Oficina de Justicia del Instituto.

Esta visita cambió mi vida simplemente. ¡«Desperté» en Honduras! Ahora que estoy despierta, todo parece diferente.

En los Estados Unidos escuchamos innumerables noticias de las drogas, la violencia y las armas en Centroamérica. Oímos que las mujeres y los niños, que huyen del terror de los delincuentes despiadados, son una amenaza para nuestra seguridad nacional. Nos dicen que la presencia militar de EE.UU. en Centroamérica es un esfuerzo para proteger a los ciudadanos estadounidenses de la violencia y el deterioro social de las drogas. En las voces del pueblo de Honduras, escuché el resto de la historia.    Read More »

Walk with Mercy in Peru: A Photographic Timeline

October 12, 2015

By Sister Deborah Watson

Sisters of Mercy from the United States were among those who responded to the Church’s call for more missionaries to Latin America.

1 - Chicago

Credit: Mercy Heritage Center

The first four sisters to go to Peru from the United States were sponsored by the Chicago Province of the Union and arrived in Sicuani, near Cusco, Peru, in 1961.  The mission was closed in 1969 largely due to problems with the government. Ministries were left in the hands of Peruvians.

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Caminar con la Misericordia en Perú: Un cronograma fotográfico

October 12, 2015

Por la Hermana Deborah Watson

Las Hermanas de la Misericordia de Estados Unidos estuvieron entre quienes respondieron a la llamada de la Iglesia por más misioneras a Latinoamérica.

1 - Chicago

Cortesía del Centro de la Herencia de la Misericordia

Las primeras cuatro hermanas en ir a Perú desde los Estados Unidos fueron patrocinadas por la Provincia de la Unión de Chicago y llegaron a Sicuani, cerca de Cuzco, Perú en 1961. La misión se cerró en 1969 debido a problemas con el gobierno.

Los ministerios quedaron en manos de peruanos.

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People Who Are Worth More

February 9, 2015

By Sister Ana S.

A response to the January 2015 attacks in Paris, France and in Baga, Borno, Nigeria.


Extreme violence in Nigeria has displaced over 1.5 million people. Here a young refugee sits in a makeshift camp.

Several terrorist acts happened almost simultaneously: one in Paris, the others in Nigeria. In one, there were 20 victims; in the second, an estimated 2000 (as well as young girls acting as suicide bombers). It’s not difficult to guess which occupied more space in the world media, or which suffering caused greater scandal and mobilized presidents to take their indignation to the streets.

Once again we have shown that the suffering and deaths of some are important, and not for others. What or who decides this? The media, at the service of huge economic interests and accustomed to the arbitrary handling of information. In our world, there are a few major countries and many on the periphery. There are important people, less important people, and those left over—the majority.   Read More »

A New Sister, A Silver Jubilee, and 50 Years in Peru

January 14, 2015

By Sister Judy C. and Sister Gloria M.

December 13, 2014, marked the 50th anniversary of Sisters of Mercy traveling from Burlingame, California, to minister in Acora, Puno, Peru, on the edge of Lake Titicaca—located at an altitude of 12,500 feet in the southern Andes Mountains.

names 64-2009

Mercy’s history in Peru began in 1964. To honor the 50th anniversary, sisters held signs with the names of those who went to serve in Peru during those years.

In 1964, the Sisters of Mercy responded to the call of Pope Saint John XXIII, who asked that religious communities send 10 percent of their membership to Latin America. We were young and inexperienced and were fortunate to work closely with the fathers and sisters from the Maryknoll religious community who were called and trained for mission work. Through education, pastoral work, social work and health care, we ministered with the Aymara people—the indigenous people of the Andes Mountains—and learned a great deal from their rich heritage and wisdom rooted in a culture that predates that of the Inca Empire.

Several years after we arrived, young Aymara women were asking to join the Sisters of Mercy and in 1989 we received our first candidate: Sister Carmen Rosa C. This year marked not only the 50th anniversary of our work in Peru, therefore, but also Sister Carmen Rosa’s Silver Jubilee—25 years as a Sister of Mercy.

There was something else to celebrate, too—Sister Biviana E. made her final vows as a Sister of Mercy.   Read More »


December 8, 2014

Por la Hermana Mary A.

“The Annunciation” (artist unknown). Digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program.

“La Anunciación” (artista desconocido). Imagen digital. Cortesía del Programa de Contenido Abierto de Getty Museum.

¿Para qué? … Para recibir al “Príncipe de la Paz.”

Paz es la tranquilidad y la ternura que nos trae Jesús en nuestro caminar diario, cuando nos encontramos con las mujeres, niñas/os, ancianas/os que nos recuerda que estamos continuamente en relación y que nos necesitamos. Las esperanzas de toda nuestra gente nos hace recordar que siempre está en espera de un mañana mejor, el repetir cada día mañana será mejor y es sentir la gracia de Dios que no olvida a sus hijos e hijas para tener vida abundante.

Estar preparadas implica muchas situaciones en mi vida; parar, ver y escuchar. Es una situación de alerta en todo mi cuerpo… un estar atenta.

Parar para ver que hay signos del reino de Dios aquí … la ternura de un bebé que llama mucho la atención y la confianza que demuestra en su madre, la escucha atenta del joven y la joven que abre su corazón para compartir su dolor, el niño y la niña que rindió en sus evaluaciones y la felicidad que demuestran al lograrlo… es signo de que estamos preparándonos porque esos pequeños detalles nos hacen pensar que sí estamos en el camino que nos lleva a encontrarnos con Jesús.

Prepárate para abrazar en este tiempo de Adviento y… dejarse abrazar. De consolar a quienes más necesiten consuelo, como Dios pide a Isaías… y dejarse consolar por Dios y por quienes conocen su consuelo. (cfr 2 Cor 1,4).

38 Years Serving Puerto Cortés, Honduras

November 12, 2014

Excerpted from the newsletter of the Caribbean, Central America, South America Community

Sister Dorothy traveled over mountainous terrain to visit and enliven the faith in small Honduran villages.

Sister Dorothy traveled over mountainous terrain to visit and enliven the faith in small Honduran villages.

Sister Dorothy P. came to Honduras in 1976 and has given herself tirelessly to serve the Hondurans, especially in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Puerto Cortés. Recently she announced that she would be returning to the United States after 38 “very happy years” in Honduras. “The Lord is telling me that it is time to leave,” she said.

Yet even in her absence, Sister Dorothy’s footprints have made an indelible mark on the history of Puerto Cortés. As a missionary she visited almost all parish communities, no matter the distances or weather situations in the mountainous terrain. She helped to coordinate a team of lay ministers within 54 villages who can celebrate the Liturgy of the Word on Sundays and other religious holidays in the absence of a priest. She also played a major role in the formation of catechists to teach the faith to children in Puerto Cortés. The children adored her and she showered them with joy and candy, helping the little ones feel how important they are.   Read More »

The Government Won’t Act, but We Will: Addressing Fracking in Argentina

October 7, 2014

By Sister Ana S.

The beautiful Andes Mountains in Argentina. The clean water they supply to the country is being threatened by fracking. cc license (BY NC ND 2.0) flickr photo shared by Márcio Cabral de Moura

The beautiful Andes Mountains in Argentina. The clean water they supply to the country is being threatened by fracking. cc license (BY NC ND 2.0) flickr photo shared by Márcio Cabral de Moura

In the south of Argentina, about three years ago, hydraulic fracking began to be promoted to extract unconventional oil and gas, as a new sort of wishful thinking that will resolve all of the energy, economic and labor problems of the area where I live: a beautiful valley that has produced fruits and vegetables for more than 100 years, which also has a large river with a large basin, which fills from the snows of the Andes mountains.

Don Carlos, a farmer who lets us use his house to hold meetings about this environmental issue, told us very angrily, “The bad smell is terrible and the air is un-breathable. They’re going to kill the river and everything… .” He was referring to the effects that the fracking wells are having on nearby fields, which are watered by a beautiful river.   Read More »

El Gobierno no actuará, pero nosotros sí: Enfrentando la hidrofractura en Argentina

October 7, 2014

Por la Sister Ana S.

Las bellas montañas de los Andes en Argentina. El agua limpia que éstas proporcionan al país se ve amenazada por la hidrofractura.

Las bellas montañas de los Andes en Argentina. El agua limpia que éstas proporcionan al país se ve amenazada por la hidrofractura. cc license (BY NC ND 2.0) flickr photo shared by Márcio Cabral de Moura

En el sur argentino, hace aproximadamente 3 años, comenzó a promoverse la Hidrofractura o Fracking para extraer petróleo y gas no convencionales, como nuevo espejismo que resolverá todos los problemas energéticos, económicos y laborales de la zona en la cual vivo: un hermoso valle productor de frutas y verduras desde hace más de 100 años y recorrido por un caudaloso río que integra una cuenca nacida en las nieves de la cordillera de los Andes.

Don Carlos, un campesino que presta su casa para nuestras reuniones sobre este asunto medioambiental, nos dijo muy enojado: “el mal olor es terrible y el aire es irrespirable; van a matar el río y todo…”. Se refería a los efectos que están provocando los pozos de Fracking en los campos de alrededor regados por un hermoso río. Read More »

Sister Roslyn: My Vocation Story

February 12, 2014

By Sister Roslyn B.

Sister Roslyn on the day she professed vows to become a Sister of Mercy

Sister Roslyn on the day she professed vows to become a Sister of Mercy

It’s amazing how things happen. I was only ten years of age when I felt God was calling me to become a sister. I responded by approaching the Sisters of Mercy, but was told that I was too young. The sisters invited me to attend the Saturday tutoring classes which they provided for several poor children in the Meadow Brook and Sophia areas of Georgetown, Guyana. I still had the thought of being a sister in mind because I wanted to be a part of the love, compassion and mercy that the Sisters showed towards the poor, sick and uneducated. I was told by a friend that I could do all that without becoming a nun. Still I felt that something was missing from my life.   Read More »