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A Heart for Those in Mercy

September 16, 2014

By Sister Patricia Talone

This excerpt from Sister Patricia Talone’s article (PDF) is reprinted with permission from Health Progress (September-October 2014), the journal of the Catholic Health Association of the United States.

Sister Patricia Talone

Sister Patricia Talone

Some have labeled Pope Francis’ governance as the papacy of mercy, one grounded in that virtue. The Latin word for mercy is misericor­dia, a term with two root words: miseria, meaning wretchedness or misery, and cor, meaning heart. Thus, misericordia denotes “having a heart for those in misery.” It describes a habit of the heart, a way of being, that continually directs one to reach out to people who are suffering.

Closely related to compassion, its sister virtue, mercy indicates an individual who is moved at the deepest level of his or her being, recognizes a profound relationship with all people and acts out of that benevolent and tender heart to alleviate the anguish of others.

What an apt description of Pope Francis.   Read More »

My Student, the Public Television Fan

September 2, 2014

By Sister Kathleen Q.

Yearbook photo of Sister Kathleen from the Dwayne Brathwaite School

Yearbook photo of Sister Kathleen from the Dwayne Brathwaite School

We never know when or how our past will revisit us from an unexpected source!

It was 1974, a heartbreaking time of Catholic school closings, especially in low economic areas. Members of the education office of the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York, wanted to relocate junior high students from a neighborhood Catholic school to another school quite a distance from where they lived. It would have been the second time in six months these students were being told to relocate.

The parents of these students were not willing to accept the negative emotional and educational impact a second transition would have on their children. Additionally, the distance of the other junior high presented safety and transportation concerns. After many futile attempts to reverse the decision, the parents decided to found their own school, and they invited Sisters Catherine C., Lenore G. and me to staff the school.   Read More »

Mercy: Witnessing God’s Presence at Work

August 30, 2014

By Colleen Maher, director of development for Merion and Dallas, Pennsylvania
Mid-Atlantic Community | 18 Years with the Sisters of Mercy

Colleen has worked with the Sisters of Mercy for over 18 years!

Colleen has worked with the Sisters of Mercy for over 18 years!

What I noticed immediately in working with Mercy was that I was not just an employee; I was a co-minister of the mission of Mercy. I was partnering with, rather than working for, the sisters. One day in my first year as director of development, I visited three sisters who were ministering in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a very poor area. We had to talk about money, which was tight. But they had a quiet passion, an intense commitment, and an absolute certitude that their work was God’s work. Financial issues certainly would not hold them back from doing what they needed to do. “God will give us the tools we need,” they told me. “And you are one of those tools.” Read More »

475 Sisters of Mercy Call for Fracking Regulations

August 18, 2014

By Sister Diane G.

Following a recent gathering of the Sisters of Mercy in Pennsylvania, Sister Diane G. submitted a letter to the editor of The Times Leader expressing the sisters’ collective concerns about fracking’s negative impact on the environment. The letter was published on August 3, 2014, and is reprinted here with permission from The Times Leader.

Letter to the Editor: Nuns concerned about natural gas drilling call for congressional action

Sister Diane explains the detrimental effects of fracking on the environment.

Sister Diane explains the detrimental effects of fracking on the environment.

A few weeks ago, more than 475 Sisters of Mercy from Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey gathered at Misericordia University in Dallas Township for five days of enrichment and education. One of the topics was hydraulic fracking and its effects on the environment and the local economy.

This topic was very timely. Many of the sisters, as well as their families, live on the Marcellus Shale. The formation extends deep underground from Ohio to West Virginia and continues northeast into large parts of Pennsylvania and southern New York. This shale formation is a source of great quantities of natural gas that can be released through the fracking process.   Read More »

The People Lost in Politics

June 18, 2014

By Sister Alicia Z.

Sister Alicia, who ministers with migrants in Florida, holds a child in her hands

Sister Alicia grew up in Brooklyn, New York, but felt called to serve migrant workers in Florida after witnessing their poverty firsthand.

I have ministered to migrant farmworkers in rural Auburndale, Florida, for the past 30 years. On June 10 I bore witness to their plight to Florida legislators on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., advocating for an overhaul of our broken U.S. immigration system. The advocacy day helped me and others express our concerns to congressional staffers, and the vibe felt positive.

That same evening House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost the primary race for his seat in Virginia, later resigning from his leadership position, creating an uncertain climate for promoting bipartisan immigration legislation and bringing it to a vote. It seems our efforts cannot overcome the fickleness of politics. Where does that leave the victims of all this—our immigrant sisters and brothers?   Read More »


June 2, 2014

By Sister Renee Y.

"Nothing can dim the light which shines from with." —Maya AngelouTwice I was blessed by her mellifluous voice and contagious spirit. Her uncommon wisdom, enriched with a deeply human simplicity, poured in a golden river over a rapt audience. When she spoke, it was not a lecture. It was an invitation into the immense dimensions of her life, broadened and deepened by the unique experiences in which she deftly enfolded all of us.

Maya Angelou, a universal and unrepeatable gift, convinced each listener that she knew us personally. In the pauses between words, she suggested she was studying us—our unexpressed sufferings, fears and hardnesses. She cast a penetrating glance into those confining secrets and suggested a path of release – the path of honesty, respect and transformational faith. Read More »

Companioning the Dying

April 17, 2014

By Sister Mary M.

cc license (BY-NC-ND) flickr photo shared by Ellen Macdonald

cc license (BY-NC-ND) flickr photo shared by Ellen Macdonald

“Burying the Dead” is the final Corporal Work of Mercy in our Lenten blog series. Read the rest of the Lenten blogs here.

I work with patients who are dying and people say “that must be so hard.” Often I think “sad” is a better description when I see that a patient understands she is dying but the family is looking for medical answers and solutions. It is an honor to accompany and comfort someone as they give themselves to death. They are sometimes scared, sometimes peaceful, but always glad to know we are there and that we care.   Read More »

Caring for the Sick: Mercy Abroad

April 4, 2014

By Sister Karen S., M.D.

“Caring for the sick” is the fifth Corporal Work of Mercy in our Lenten blog series. Read the rest of the Lenten blogs here.

Sister Karen caring for the sick abroad

Sister Karen caring for the sick abroad

I am a Sister of Mercy and a pediatrician. I’ve been able to take my ministry on the road (or better yet onto a plane) and travel to remote parts of the world to care for children who do not have access to a doctor. So four times a year I put a team together and off we go. For me this is the most exciting part of my ministry: to help those who have so little.   Read More »

Cuidado de los Enfermos: la Misericordia en el Extranjero

April 4, 2014

Por la Hermana Karen S., M.D.

“Cuidar a los enfermos” es la cuarta Obra Corporal de Misericordia en la que nos enfocamos durante nuestra serie del “blog” de Cuaresma. Lee el resto del blog de Cuaresma aquí.

Hermana Karen

Hermana Karen

Soy una Hermana de la Misericordia y una pediatra. Se me ha hecho posible transportar mi ministerio por avión y viajar a lugares distantes del mundo para cuidar a niños que no tienen acceso a un médico. Así es que cuatro veces al año reúno un equipo y nos vamos de viaje. Ésta es la parte de mi ministerio que más satisfacción me causa: ayudar a quienes tienen muy poco.

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A Place of Refuge

April 2, 2014

By Sister Ruth N.

Sister Ruth

Sister Ruth, who helps care for HIV/AIDS patients

“Caring for the sick” is the fifth Corporal Work of Mercy in our Lenten blog series. Read the rest of the Lenten blogs here.

Nestled in the valley of a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania, The Wright Center for Primary Care, our HIV/AIDS clinic, is a medical home for many. Known mostly through word of mouth, we provide a place which helps patients face their challenges in an environment of strength and compassion.   Read More »