Border Volunteer Needs

There is currently a critical need for volunteers along the border to help receive immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers and provide humanitarian aid to those who have endured the inhumane conditions in immigration custody at the border.  Explore the resources below if you are interested in getting involved.   

The Annunciation House sanctuary provides shelter and basic resources to migrants and asylum seekers in the El Paso community.  It consists of multiple hospitality houses, which are currently in need of volunteers to serve the fluctuating numbers of people who arrive.  For short-term emergency volunteer opportunities, find more information here 

Catholic Charities’ Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen, Texas acts as the first point of contact to immigrants and asylum seekers upon being released from ICE/CBP custody.  The HRC works to provide a safe environment as well as medical care, basic resources, and transportation.  In addition to volunteers, donations are an ongoing need.  For contact information visit the donations page 

No More Deaths is hosting a short-term volunteer program from September to November 2019 to support the legal defense campaign. This call for volunteers stems from the government’s attempts to stop humanitarian aid (water being left in the desert for migrants crossing), with the multiple trials of Dr. Scott Warren, who was arrested for providing resources and shelter to two men from Central America.  No More Deaths is a humanitarian organization in southern Arizona that aims to stop the death of migrants in the U.S./Mexico borderlands.  Please click here to find out more about the volunteer program.