Immigration Accompaniment Aides

Immigrant Accompaniment Aids 

Catholic Legal Immigration Network’s Rapid Response Toolkit is an updated resource of the best collective practices used by many community members before, during, and after ICE raids.  

Resources for faith allies from the Interfaith Immigration Coalition include additional resources on setting up emergency networks to respond when raids are happening at immigrants’ homes, workplaces, checkpoints, etc. Recommends working with local immigrant rights organizations, organizing vigils, and suggests engaging media.  

Know Your Rights Cards are available from the CLINIC in fourteen languages (including Spanish, Arabic, and Amharic).  The National Immigration Law Center includes information for immigrants to know your rights when encountering law enforcement, navigating medical care facilities, at the workplace, participating in demonstrations, and during ICE raids. 

“Sanctuary Not Deportation” is a national network of faith communities defending immigrants. Resources include a comprehensive interfaith toolkit for exploring the new sanctuary movement, that includes a menu of actions such as coalition-building, organizing and educating in faith spaces, rapid response, legal accompaniment, etc.  If your faith community is available to provide a safe space during ICE raids, join the #SacredResistance network and fill out the google form here 

“Sanctuary Everywhere” is a campaign with resources from American Friends Service Committee. Includes many ways to provide protection to immigrations: sanctuary cities, sanctuary in schools, sanctuary congregations, sanctuary-in-the-street, and well as ways to interrupt violence/hate being directed at people of color, Muslims, and other marginalized groups.  United We Dream’s Here To Stay Toolkit offers a comprehensive guide to help undocumented immigrants and allies create sanctuary cities and spaces.   

Advocate to cut funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as well as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) through the Detention Watch Network’s #DefundHate campaign. Some helpful resources that can be found on this website include a piece on ICE’s past fiscal mismanagement and a Campaign Explainer.   

Southern Border Communitites Coalition aims to hold Border Patrol accountable for abuses and corruption and imagines a New Border Vision.  Get involved by signing up to receive weekly border policy updates. 

Prepare your community to resist ICE with legal trainings, a directory of legal non-profits across the country, and educational materials such as an Over-view of the Deportation System for new advocates (materials from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center).  Additionally, the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, INC. offers trainings, e-courses, and webinars to teach immigration law and help you develop or strengthen legal skills. 

Become involved in Education Justice to support documented and undocumented immigrants navigating the school system.   

Ten Things You/Your Parish Can Do to accompany undocumented immigrants, including sharing “Know Your Rights” resources with your immigrant neighbors and friends, accompany immigrants to court for their immigration proceedings, see Toolkit for CARE program. 

Webinars and bilingual video resources including: Seven Weeks of Remain in Mexico (Hope Border Institute), Know Your Rights, On Preparing Your Family, and many more (Justice for Immigrants).  For additional legal training webinars see