Northeast Sisters adopt stance on climate change

To publicly state their personal and corporate position to “reverence Earth and work more effectively toward the sustainability of life and the recognition of the fundamental right to water,” the Sisters of Mercy – Northeast Community adopted the following stance on climate change on April 29, 2011.

We, the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas – Northeast Community and Companions, believe:

The impacts of climate change around the world, from floods to droughts to disease, disproportionately affect poor, vulnerable communities, especially women, who regularly do the work of growing food, collecting water and fuel and raising children.


We support actions and policies that educate federal legislators and others on the critical need for action on comprehensive climate change and energy, including international adaptation and mitigation.

We choose to reduce our personal and institutional carbon footprints by 5-10% within one year.

We choose to alter global economy by buying locally and supporting Earth friendly co-operatives.

We choose to use renewable energy such as solar, wind and other technologies whenever possible.

We choose alternative modes of transportation such as public, electric cars, hybrids, walking and bicycles.