West Midwest

Frances Crean, RSM


Entered: September 8, 1960

Current Ministry: Ministry of Prayer

Motto: Forever

Teaching was my desire. Our fourth vow of service meant a great deal to me. I met the Sisters of Mercy 64 years ago. My first day of high school was the first day Mother McAuley High School opened its doors on 99th Street in Chicago, IL.

After graduating from McAuley, I entered with the 1960 “Band” at Saint Xavier College. We studied religious living and college courses.

I have been grateful for what my students taught me, be they elementary or high school or college students.

In 1971, I began 47 years of teaching inorganic chemistry at Saint Xavier University. We offered lab and lecture courses evenings and weekends that helped people with a junior college degree to earn a bachelor’s degree. These people were working in areas such as crime labs, chemical production, etc. I learned a lot from them as did the full-time college students who attended evening courses.

SXU faculty and staff offered summer workshops that helped high school teachers strengthen their chemistry lectures and lab experiments and make their chemical storage rooms safe. Each person attending the workshop received $1,000 from the State of Illinois.

I am very glad to be retired so I can relax in the company of Mercy Sisters and Mercy Associates. And I want to thank all who do what we no longer can do for ourselves


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