West Midwest

Jan Marie Stocking, RSM


Entered: August 21, 1970

Current Ministry: Director and Founding Member, Rockhaven Ecozoic Center

Motto: You know that I love you. - Jn. 21

50 years: I recount the blessings and the Abiding Love that was showered upon me since I walked through the doors of Mercy. I am grateful for my family and “family of choice” that made the “Circle of Mercy” tangible.

50 years: I am humbled by the privilege to hone young minds and hearts. I am grateful for my sister mentors, fellow educators and the supportive parents who entrusted their children to my care.

50 years: I reverence the continuous call for conversion as I participate in transforming humanity’s relationship to Earth to better respond to the ecological challenges of our times.



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