West Midwest

Mary Sears, RSM


Entered: September 8, 1945

Current Ministry: Ministry of Prayer and writing

Motto: All For Jesus Through Mary



“All for Jesus through Mary”

When ‘all falls down,’ I remember “the dearest freshness deep down things.” Beyond the daily news of perverse inhumanity and into the cyber space of moon and stars, Jesus’ FIAT and Mary’s vibrate in the Ever More of our Mercy Community.Thanks be to the Spirit of FIAT I’ve known from the home of my birth and even until now. 

How blessed I am in the Mercy of generous loving, forgiving, and humor. For 25 years I taught 5th Grade through College, in Chicago, Milwaukee, McHenry, Ottawa Ill, and Blythe, Ca. Three years with Tabor House in Washington, D.C. is a continuing challenge and inspiration. These 40 years since, with the People of God in Evanston’s St. Nicholas Parish and St. Charles Borromeo AZ, in Phoenix inner city hospitals and Homes of various sorts I have felt bent over and, above all, lifted up.  Now in the Phoenix desert with dusted-off retirees, heart-thinkers and doers, I love each day’s VIVA without boundaries. A hearty THANK YOU is hardly enough to express my INDEBTEDNESS to COUNTLESS saintly sinners with whom in Christ we are at one.


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