Sharing With My Mother — Mother’s Day Reflections from Sister Kelly Williams

May 12, 2018

What does it mean for a mother when her daughter enters religious life? How does a mother influence or respond to her daughter’s decision to take vows of poverty, obedience, chastity and service? With Mother’s Day on the way, we spoke with Sister Kelly Williams who reflected on the many ways she and her mother have shared a life of Mercy.

Sister Kelly Williams and her mother Lori Williams

Sister Kelly Williams and her mother Lori Williams

Sister Kelly Williams grew up in the midst of Mercy, quite literally. Sisters of Mercy lived on her street as a child, and after being home-schooled by her mother, Lori, she attended a Mercy high school, St. Vincent’s Academy in Savannah, Georgia. Lori, coincidentally, joined the faculty at St. Vincent’s the same year.

Sister Kelly remembers her childhood fondly and how her mother was always teaching and guiding her spiritually. After graduating from Belmont Abbey College, Kelly worked for three years as an admissions counselor at her alma mater, just minutes away from the administrative offices of the Sisters of Mercy South-Central Community.

Although never far from her mind, she still did not see herself making the leap into consecrated life. As her calling continued to grow, Kelly struggled with the idea of forgoing a family of her own, realizing that when “you say ‘yes’ to one, you have to know you’re saying ‘no’ to another.”

However, as Sister Kelly began consecrated life she started to realize how Mercy was drawing her closer to both God and her family.

Reflecting on this deep Mercy connection, Sister Kelly wrote this:


“Sharing with My Mother”


For as long as I can remember, I have shared so much with my mother.
My mother and father shared their Catholic faith with me.
My birthday is in May and sometimes my birthday falls on Mother’s day so we share that time of year.
My older brothers were always dressed to match each other. My mother made many dresses for just she and I to match.
I attended a Mercy high school and when I graduated she began teaching there. We share our love of St. Vincent’s Academy.
My parents are Benedictine Oblates and they shared their love of Benedictine Spirituality with me.
I joined a service sorority in college and unbeknownst to me, my mother joined as well. I was able to give her her pin at her entry.
God called me to life in Mercy, and invited my mother to share in the Charism as a Mercy Associate.
My parents raised us with the knowledge that God shared us with our parents and throughout my life I have been blessed to share so much with my mother.

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  1. Sister Natalie Rossi


  2. Sister Donald Mary Lynch

    What a beautiful to your dear Mother! Thank you for sharing her with all of us!

  3. Sr. Mary Janice Brink

    Kelly,Thank you for your beautiful sharing about your Mother. It sounds as though she was your best friend, and I am sure that you have. My dear Mother died at the age of 93 and I still miss her. We are so blessed. Thank you for all you are for our Mercy Community.

  4. Sister Rose Marie Tresp

    Thanks for the sharing

  5. Shirley Murphy, RSM

    Kelly, Thank you for sharing your journey and special bond with your mother. What a “gift” you bring, as you pass on this loving-kindness to those with whom you now serve. Many Blessings for your journey in Mercy.

  6. Paula Diann Marlin, RSM

    Thank you for sharing about your mother.

  7. Regina Werntz

    Kelly, you have been blessed to have such a mother and we are blessed to have you!

  8. Ellen Fink, RSM

    Kelly, what a beautiful tribute to your Mom. Thank you for sharing so many gifts and love with Mercy.

  9. Beth Flannery

    Mercy is doubly blessed by Kelly and Lori!
    Thank you for the generous gift of your joy filled spirits.

  10. Mary Stanton

    Beautiful, Kelly!

  11. Jeanette Noonan

    Beautiful Kelly and Beautiful Mother……both filled with love of God.
    Sr. Jeanette Noonan

  12. Martha Meyer

    Thanks, Kelly, for touching us with your beautiful story of your dear Mother and you.

  13. Erencia Saipweirik

    Kelly, what a beautiful sharing about your special bond with your mother. You were once her little girl now grow up to be her best friend. God bless both your parents for the wonderful job they did in raising you. Thank you for being you..bringing mercy to the world wherever you minster.