The “In-Between” Time

March 21, 2020

By Cynthia Sartor, Companion in Mercy

The “in-between” time or the “not-yet-morning-but-no-longer-night” time occurs when sleep drifts away while the body stays hidden under the blankets. The sky is still black, and the country roads are quiet as light begins to show herself and the distant sounds of trucks on the highway can be heard.

A picture of a butterfly on a plant in-between darkness and sunrise.
Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

It is like being in a cocoon. Although the butterfly within becomes aroused, it has no idea what to do with its wings. It is a magical—yet scary—time, as life stretches her arms and arches her back. It is a time of great hesitation and even greater anticipation. It is a time of wonder and awe and breath.

Sometimes these “in-between” times last days, months, or even years. It is easier to hide under the blankets, focus on the night and not the advancing light, and fear the wings that provide flight. It is a time when we learn that are not in control of our own lives as once thought. The bones will begin to ache if not used, wings left unwrapped will wither and die, and too much darkness can lead to blindness. Although the security of the covers is safer, taking the plunge is vital. So, we need to jump in, dare to see the light, flap our wings, test them out and listen for the increased sounds of traffic in our lives.

The end of the “in-between” is fast approaching. So, fly on and don’t look down. Trust the sky’s breath and Earth’s lap. Fly on and know that She holds you in Her loving arms.   

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  1. Sr. Joan Margret Schwager

    Beautiful reflection especially sinCr we hold our breath and our hearts during this suspended time in our country and in the world. It’s as if we are poised to breathe again, but when?

  2. Sr, Lucy Calvillo

    Beautiful-thank you.

  3. Regina Williams

    What an appropriate Reflection for the now time we are experiencing. All over this planet/our States/in our lives as we face the unknown of this corona virus , it is an “in-between time” that we have never seen before and which welcomes this quiet reflection. Gratefully, r

  4. Sister Natalie Rossi

    Beautiful and reflective. Thanks

  5. Rebecca Quintero

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Prayers to our world and for each other! Good time to slow down and appreciate each other!

  6. Juleen Henry

    Thank you such a beautiful and inspiring meditation. Thank yo Cindy!

  7. Richard Mary Burke

    What a graced, poignant reflection for us in this moment of history. Thank you for sharing such wisdom.

  8. Kristine Wagner

    Beautiful reflection. Time to be. Thank you!

  9. M Katharine Brennan

    How wonderful a reflection. This is one I will pray with many times. Thank you and God bless you.

  10. Jeannine Burch

    Thank you for your beautiful reflection that perfectly describes the time our world is in!

  11. Celeste Marie Nuttman, RSM

    Lovely words and photo. Consoling and challenging. Thank you!

  12. Rachelle Harper

    Cindy, I love the images, and the way you combine words, colors, shapes, is deeply inspiring. Thank you.

  13. Diane Rondeau, RSM

    Cindy, thank you for your inspiring reflection. Let us remember your last line:
    “ Fly on and know She holds you in Her loving arms.”

  14. Diane Odonnell

    Thank you for this beautiful reflection. I place my faith in God, to keep us all safe from this virus, and look for opportunities to reach out my hand to others who are struggling, with this and to remind them that God has them in the palm of his hands.