We, the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, agonize over the sufferings of our sisters and brothers around the world and for Earth herself.

“… An ardent desire to be united to God and to serve the poor…” —Catherine McAuley, Letter to Rev. Gerald Doyle, September 5, 1836

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Since our founding by Catherine McAuley, action and contemplation have been the heart of Mercy life.

As Sisters of Mercy, rooted in the spirituality of Catherine McAuley, we embrace lives of both prayer and service. In our times of prayer, we recognize God’s mercy in our daily lives and respond by offering ourselves to be a merciful presence and resource for others. We do this through our ministry in parishes, hospitals, schools and universities and in our retreat centers.

When we retire from full-time active ministry, we continue our commitment to service of others through prayer, volunteer services or support services wherever we live.

For individuals interested in exploring their own spirituality, deepening their relationship with God, finding a quiet and inspirational opportunity for reflection, or simply seeking daily prayers, we have a variety of spiritual experiences and resources to offer. 

Spirituality Resources

Retreat Centers

The Sisters of Mercy sponsor retreat and spiritual centers across the United States and in some Central American countries.

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Spiritual Direction

Individuals who are trying to make sense of a life experience or yearn for a deeper relationship with God may seek the assistance of a spiritual director.

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Prayers and Resources

Prayers from our founder and others enrich our prayer life.

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Request Prayers

Allow the Sisters of Mercy to join you in prayer.

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