For centuries, people who are economically poor have been deprived of safe, decent and affordable housing. Beginning with the first House of Mercy  and extending to this day, Sisters of Mercy have responded to this critical need

In Omaha, Nebraska, in 1981,  we created Mercy Housing, Inc. to provide better and more comprehensive programs than previously accessible.  Today this ministry is one of the largest housing organizations in the United States, providing housing development, property operations and management services. Mercy Housing, Inc. has developed programs in 42 states and the District of Columbia and serves more than 75,000 people.

Our sisters in this ministry serve as  administrators, program managers, case workers, health promoters and volunteers in a variety of housing initiatives.

Mercy Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Housing Services

S/C = Sponsored or Co-Sponsored

  • Catherine McAuley Center
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    866 4th Avenue SE
    Cedar Rapids, lA 52403
    S/C: West Midwest
    Provides transitional housing for women.

  • Erie DAWN
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    2549 W. 8th St.
    Erie, PA 16505
    S/C: New York, Pennsylvania, Pacific West
    Provides transitional housing for homeless women and children. Formed in 1955 by the Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of St. Joseph and Benedictine Sisters.

  • Gerard Place
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    2515 Bailey Avenue
    Buffalo, NY 14215
    S/C: New York, Pennsylvania, Pacific West
    Transitional housing for single parents. Families may stay up to two years.

  • House of Mercy
    Laneo del Norte 9200
    S/C: New York, Pennsylvania, Pacific West
    Offers religious education program for women. Manufactures herbal syrups, soaps and candles.

  • Mercy Center for Women
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    1039 East 27th Street
    Erie, PA 16504
    S/C: New York, Pennsylvania, Pacific West
    Provides transitional housing for women, with or without children. Formed in 1994, it provides an environment of healing recovery and growth.

  • Mercy Community Services-Residential Services
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    2763 Culver Rd.
    Rochester, NY 14622
    S/C: New York, Pennsylvania, Pacific West
    Supportive housing and services for pregnant and parenting teens and young women and children. Currently, MCS has three program components in the city of Rochester: Melita House, Families First and Catherine McAuley Apartments.

  • Mercy Housing
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    1999 Broadway, Suite 1000
    Denver, CO 80202
    Provides affordable housing and supportive services for low-income families, seniors & people w/ special needs.

  • Mercy Housing and Shelter, Inc.
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    211 Wethersfield Avenue
    Hartford, CT 06114
    S/C: Northeast
    Serves, educates and empowers people who are homeless.

  • Mercy Terrace Apartments
    430 East Grandview Blvd.
    Erie, PA 16504
    S/C: New York, Pennsylvania, Pacific West
    64-unit complex providing modern, independent living accommodations for the elderly at an affordable cost. Opened in the spring of 1987.

  • Sisters Place
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    418 Mitchell Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15025
    S/C: New York, Pennsylvania, Pacific West
    Founded by 14 Catholic religious communities in 1993 to address needs in Pittsburgh's Mon Valley. Provides housing and supportive services to single mothers and their children.