Christmas 2020

December 24, 2020

By Kathy Schongar, Mercy Associate

Still shines the Star of Bethlehem
bringing light to our lives across distance and time
leading us to the Christ-Child.

Still shines the Star of Bethlehem
its glow clearly seen in the sparkling eyes of children
wide-eyed with wonder and innocence,
singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus,
offering gifts hand-made with love.

Still shines the Star of Bethlehem atop balsam firs
adorned with colorful lights and glistening baubles
reflecting happy faces gathered together,
sharing the Christmas story, making the holiday sacred
with traditions that will become the fabric
of family celebrations for years to come.

Still shines the Star of Bethlehem
in the weathered faces of the wise,
renewed and delighted by memories recalled
of Christmas mornings long ago that smelled of pine,
and simple stockings filled with special treats!

Still shines the Star of Bethlehem
for all the world this night!
A light of hope in uncertain times,
leading us to Emmanuel, God with us
once in time and for eternity.                                                         

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  1. Charles McDonald

    Merry Christmas Sisters of Mercy. May the peace of the newborn Christ child be with you all year long.

  2. Mary Pendergast,RSM

    Thank you, Kathy! Your poems are always uplifting… Happy Christmas!

  3. Pat Kenny

    Thank you, Kathy! We must remember the ‘constants’ in our lives especially now when so much is uncertain. Blessed Christmas!

  4. Fran Repka

    Such positive Hope and Joy!
    Thank you.

  5. Jeannine Burch

    Thank you. My daughter thanked me for the traditions we passed down to us that she still shares with her four grown children. One of them who is now married and now sharing with his bride.