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You can find the more than 2,200 Sisters of Mercy of the Americas living and working in the Caribbean, Central and South America (Argentina, Belize, Chile, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Panama and Peru), the Pacific and the continental United States. This vast geography brings a richness of cultures and opportunities for service to God’s people and for sharing the mission of Mercy.

Our sisters serve in ministries founded and operated by the Sisters of Mercy and those sponsored by other groups. The unifying thread is that all Sisters of Mercy take a life-long vow of prayer, service, advocate for justice and systemic change on behalf of marginalized people and serve people in need.

In each of these ministries, sisters and associates continue to live the spirit and rich heritage of our deep roots in Mercy as established by our founder, Catherine McAuley. We are also guided by our five Critical Concerns: care for the Earth, immigration, nonviolence, racism, and the rights and needs of women and children.

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