By Sister Marissa Butler

A dark chapel, lit by her presence
We sat together
Silent but together
Letting go
Longing for peace
Desiring to rest in God’s embrace
In the stillness
In the presence of Jesus
In the company of one another
Calmed by the awareness of being held in love
Love from God
Love from my sister
We slipped into a light sleep
Soon my eyes opened
Slowly I looked around
Until I caught sight of the face of Christ
The living Christ in my sister
Deep in prayer next to me
I gazed upon her face
Grateful for this precious gift
Sensing my stare she awoke
Looked at me with her radiant smile
Her gentle hand took mine
Raising it to her face
She kissed it
I love you
A light in my darkness
A friend and a sister
My living Catherine (McAuley)
I love you too

— Photo by Sister Marissa Butler: Used With Permission