By Sybil Jean Steuart, Mercy Associate

Lord God, maker of all those we encounter in our world,
We are struggling to reach our home in you.
We are traveling on a path filled with the holes of temptation and the bumps of hardship
and loneliness.

Our journey of faith to you will not be easy.
Our goal for spiritual wisdom only comes with great sacrifice.
Yet you show us your infinite love through countless ways others are MERCY to us.

May those who help us begin the journey
Be blessed with a final destination in you.
May those who share their wisdom with us
Be blessed with knowledge beyond all understanding.

May those who provide resources for our journey
Be blessed with eternal resources beyond compare.
May those who encourage us along the way
Be blessed with strength and courage on their own journeys.

May those who show us the right path to travel and help us over the rough stretches
Be blessed with a smooth and straight path of their own.
May those who nourish our bodies
Be blessed with divine nourishment for their souls.

May those who guard our safety
Be blessed with your protection forever.
May those who create a comfortable environment for us
Be blessed with an everlasting home with you.

Divine Creator of all those who travel with us on the journey to you,
We will continue to traverse the road of faith.
We will work at bridging all gaps that problems may create.

Our efforts will not go unrewarded.
Our way will be made easier by the many companions you send.
May our prayers of thanksgiving for their hearts centered in your compassion be heard.