The Hand of Mercy

December 9, 2020

An image of "The hand of Mercy" of Catherine McAuley's statue outside Mercy International Centre in Dublin, Ireland.
A close-up of Catherine McAuley’s sculpted hand as seen before the red door to the first House of Mercy on Baggot Street in Dublin, Ireland. By Sister Victoria Incrivaglia. Used with permission.

By Sister Victoria Incrivaglia

The Hand of Mercy…
comforts while challenges
consoles amidst the struggles

The Hand of Mercy…
responds to those in need
welcomes women and children
extends healing to all
educates beyond the familiar

The Hand of Mercy…   
challenges systemic racism
engages in advocacy         
works for Justice
walks with the immigrants

in the Hand of Mercy
unfolding the Presence

in the Hand of Mercy
lies our Legacy
action and contemplation

We are the Hand of Mercy.

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  1. Connie stelzer

    I love this to start my day. Opening our hands and hearts to others

  2. Sr. Marie McIntyre rsm

    Well done, Sr. Victoria, I enjoyed your poem ‘ The Hand of Mercy ‘. I am sure others will appreciate the poetry form as a change from writing in prose.

  3. Kathleen Ann Kolb, RSM

    Beautiful Victoria. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Ann Crouse, RSM

    Thank you for this beautiful reflection especially during these challenging times. It is a reminder of who we are and what our tripping about involves. Catherine is smiling!
    Ann Crouse, RSM

  5. Claudia Ward, RSM

    Beautiful!!! Victoria, thanks so much for sharing your poem and photo!!! May we each continue to share in love and Mercy as we extend our hands, heart, feet … and care for God’s world – creation. 🙏

  6. Sister Cathy Solan

    This was something I needed to hear and read today.

  7. Rachelle Harper

    This is a beautiful, inspiring call! Thank you, Victoria, for sharing the fruit of your own meditation with this lovely image.

  8. Jackie Moreau

    You says lot in a few words.

  9. Mary Ann Lally

    Beautiful reflection and photo, Sister Victoria. Thank you.

  10. Veronica Kovach, RSM

    Thank you. A beautiful reminder of our mission as Mercy.

  11. Richard Mary

    Victoria, sharing with our co-workers and they love it, too! Very inspiring…❤️RM

  12. Murphy

    Many thanks Victoria for your thoughtful expression and affirmation of Mercy in the poem. Truly helps us to be in the spirit of Catherine and continue to devote ourselves to serve those in need.

  13. Carolyn McWatters

    This is lovely, Victoria, and the picture compelling. Thank you!

  14. Margaret Downing

    Thank you for the words and the image!

  15. Lee Ann McNally, RSM

    This is beautiful, Victoria! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  16. Pat Oliver, rsm

    Such a good reminder of who we are! Thanks.

  17. Anne Marie Miller

    Love this, Victoria, thank you! Noticing the door of Mercy in the background, Hand of Mercy and Door of -both powerful, welcoming and inclusive.

  18. Rebecca Quintero

    Beautiful! Nice to reflect on how much lies on our hands.

  19. Ann McGovern

    Beautiful. Envisioning myself placing my hand in Catherine’s as I begin this day. May I be a hand of Mercy to someone in need today.

  20. Susan

    This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this personal reflection. I am going to print and pray it everyday.

    I also love the picture. You are very gifted.

    Much peace
    Sue Wieczynski