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In our first U. S. presidential election year since the insurrection on January 6, 2021, it is prudent to ask questions about the safety of our democracy and the steps citizens can take to protect. In this space we are curating resources for education and action in 2024.

Tools for Voters

The Equally Sacred Checklist from NETWORK addresses the question: “How can we know we are voting for candidates who promote the common good?”


  • Voting and Democracy, from NETWORK, includes a series of blog posts about elections and politics.
  • Vote411, from League of Women Voters, provides information and resources for participating in local and national elections.
  • Ensure Every American Can Vote, from the Brennan Center for Justice, explores voting rights issues.


Election Work

White Supremacy and American Christianity

Georgetown University


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Take Action Today

Join us as a Mercy Advocate for Justice! Click the “Take Action Today” button to the left. Each individual who responds to a call for legislative action or policy change increases the volume of our Mercy voice in the halls of power. Signing up online is easy and customizable. Alerts are available via email or text message. Advocates can choose to receive notices about a single issue or the entire menu of options. Please invite people from your circles and networks to join our efforts by sharing this link with them today: 

LCWR’s Transforming Grace: The Work of Transformative Justice invites participants to take responsibility for the personal and collective responses we can make in the challenges we will encounter during the national election period.

Student Videos

Each year, students at Mercy sponsored schools are invited to enter a Social Justice Video Contest and put their creative ideas and skills to work by sharing stories of the Sisters of Mercy’s Critical Concerns. In 2024, some of the videos focused on voting. Here are three videos that took home honors for this year’s contest.

2nd Place
Carli Amos, Aiden Arrington and Luciana Elliott
“Use Your Voice!”
Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School, Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania
3rd Place
Riley Wichman and Angela Thiel
Vote with Faith and Mercy”
Mercy High School, Middletown, Connecticut
Honorable Mention – Calliope Beatty, Malley Connor, Addison Foster and Grace Tronoski
“Be a Hero and VOTE with faith!”
Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School, Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania