By Jason Giovannettone, Climate and Sustainability Director 

To reduce our consumption and usage of plastic, it is important to eliminate the need for the plastic bottle. One of the most common reasons we consume plastic bottles is to increase our consumption of “healthy” and “clean” water. Then when we are finished we can just recycle the bottle. It seems like a win-win situation: we are able to consume clean water with little or no waste. This is actually not the case. In order to get some sense of what actually takes place in the life cycle of a water bottle and the environmental issues that are involved, please watch the following video.


Green Tip 

Abstain from drinking bottled water and other beverages bottled in plastic, including soda, and juice; for now, milk can be an exception. Glasses, cups, and reusable bottles, along with an effective filtration system for your tap water, are great alternatives.