Lenten Ceasefire Gathering Materials

Take Action for Peace!

The Mercy Justice Team invites you to make plans to host a local gathering the week of March 17th – 23rd to pray and demonstrate for a ceasefire in Gaza. Local gatherings can be held at convents, offices, life centers, schools or in the local community. The necessary materials are provided at the links below.

The printable prayer service can be downloaded and edited to suit your needs. In addition to praying together, consider these possibilities for your event:

  • Hold your event in a visible area outdoors to draw attention to the issue. Print signs for your participants.
  • Invite family, friends, and the public to join your gathering.
  • Share the background information page with participants and invite them to send handwritten letters to their senators and congressperson calling for a ceasefire. If possible, provide addresses, paper, pens, and envelopes.
  • Write a letter to the editor about your gathering.
  • Take pictures at the event and send them to so we can share them with the greater Mercy community.