My Experience of the Peruvian Amazon (February 18 to March 15, 2019)

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By Sister Carmen Rosa CCallomamani

I have shared wonderful days with our brothers and sisters from different native communities belonging to the Bora and Huitoto ethnic groups. We three facilitators of the Alternatives to Violence program — James Campbell Plowden, Magaly Quispe and myself — embarked on this adventure of love.

Sister Carmen Rosa Ccallomamani (far right) with Alternatives to Violence workshop facilitators, Magaly Quispe and James Campbell Plowden. Workshop participants are in the background.

Our goal is to train facilitators of these communities, so later they can offer and develop different workshops for this program. I feel blessed to be part of this team. We share a lot of laughter, dreams and above all our hopes for a dignified life for our brothers and sisters who live in a situation of poverty but are rich in cultural diversity and an appreciation of nature.

Sister Carmen Rosa Ccallomamani on the banks of the river Ampiaco, Peruvian Amazon.

They live surrounded by trees, birds, butterflies, turtles, reptiles, deer, small and large rivers; they are truly the guardians of our Amazon.

El Chino, on the Tahuayo River in the Peruvian Amazon, Department (state) of Loreto.

I thank my Sisters of Mercy and the Alternatives to Violence Program for giving me this beautiful opportunity of much learning and blessing.