On September 24 we will celebrate the 195th anniversary of the day Catherine McAuley first opened the doors of the House of Mercy on Baggot Street. This began her ministry of serving the poor, the sick and those in need of education.  

Beginning Saturday, September 17, we will “Celebrate Mercy” in history, poetry, education, art, justice, music, ministry and prayer through reflections written by sisters. As each reflection posts, we will add the link below!

Celebrate Mercy in History

What Shall We Wear and Celebrate on September 24, 2022?
By Sister Mary C. Sullivan

Celebrate Mercy in Poetry

“Celebrating Mercy in Poetry”
By Sister Mary Bilderback

Celebrate Mercy in Education

Attention and Encouragement, an Informal Education
By Sister Anna Regina Gakuhi

Celebrate Mercy in Art

A Works of Mercy Cross
By Sister Celeste Marie Nuttman

Celebrate Mercy in Justice

“Resisting: The Road Toward Environmental Justice
By Sister Ana María Siufi

Contemplative Reflection—Give Them to Eat!
By Sister Edia Del Carmen López

Celebrate Mercy in Music

Dancing, Singing, Circling
Composed by Sister Claudette Schiratti

Celebrate Mercy in Ministry

Celebrate Mercy in Ministry
By Sister Mary Waskowiak

Celebrate Mercy in Prayer

Prayer for Mercy Day 2022