Mercy prepares for Moral March on Washington

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More than 50 sisters, associates and colleagues in ministry are preparing for the Poor People’s Assembly and Moral March on Washington, D.C., set for Saturday, June 18. Some will make the trip on Poor People’s Campaign buses, some on a rented bus from Philadelphia, some by train and car. All are bringing their purple Mercy T-shirts, water bottles, snacks, comfortable shoes and maybe even foldable stools. The Mercy group will join with others coming from across the country. We are going in hope—hope to stimulate a moral revival that will save the heart and soul of our democracy.

An analysis of the current state of our country shows a deepening inequality, an increasing ecological devastation, and increasing threats of domestic terrorism most often directed at black, Indigenous and people of color persons. Our faith tells us that all peoples are created in the image and likeness of God, yet the distorted moral narrative of some blame the poor and oppressed people for today’s poverty and oppression. We come to our nation’s capital, the halls of Congress, to cry out in the words of Isaiah: “How terrible it will be for those who make unfair laws, and those who write laws that make life hard for people. They are not fair to the poor, and they rob my people of their rights. They allow people to steal from widows and to take from orphans what really belongs to them. (Isaiah 10:1-2 NCV)”

  • Sisters Joan Serda and Marilyn Graf will be riding on a Poor People’s Campaign bus from Mobile, Alabama, to Washington, D.C. Read about their anticipation and hopes in this blog post.