Age 95

Sister Ann, a Sister of Mercy for 72 years, attended St. Paul Elementary School and St. Peter High School, in Worcester, Massachusetts. She received a BA from Our Lady of the Elms College, an MA in Latin from Boston College, an MA in pastoral counseling from Emmanuel College and a CAGS in theology from Assumption College. 

On January 1, 1949, Sister Ann entered the Sisters of Mercy at Nazareth Home for Boys in Leicester and was given the name Sister Mary Paracleta, by which she was known until 1969, when she resumed her baptismal name of Sister Ann Marie Marshall. She began an extensive teaching career in 1951, starting with grade 7 at Blessed Sacrament School and then at St. Paul School. She also taught for two years at Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Santa Ana, California. In 1960, she returned to Worcester, teaching again at both St. Paul and Blessed Sacrament Schools before being assigned to St. Peter Marian High School.

In 1967, Sister Ann began a new ministry in pastoral and catechetical work in Sicuani, Peru, serving for 10 years. Upon her return to Worcester, Sister Ann was assigned to St. Joseph Home for three years before taking up a new position as campus minister at St. Peter Marian High School.

From 1982 until recently, Sister Ann was involved in the Spanish apostolate at St. Peter Parish, providing pastoral care and catechesis to the Hispanic parishioners and visiting the sick and elderly. In addition, Sister Ann also served as chaplain/pastoral counselor for the Visiting Nurses Hospice Program.

In 2008, Sister Ann received the Passionist Witness Award for her 25 years in the Hispanic Ministry at St. Peter Parish. Earlier, she was the recipient of the John Cardinal Wright Award for her work with the Hispanic community.