Age 95

Sister Frances Lynch was a Sister of Mercy for 77 years. During her long and active life, Sister Fran, as she was known to her friends, began her ministry in the field of education. She taught on several levels, ranging from grade 2 to high school. As her administrative ability became apparent, Sister Fran’s talent was utilized as principal of Mercymount Country Day School, followed by service as coordinator of religious education in Taunton, Massachusetts, followed by an administrative position in the congregation of the Sisters of Mercy. Sister Fran was also a founding member of the first group of Sisters of Mercy who ministered in the hill country of Appalachia.

Sister found time to pursue her thirst for social justice throughout her religious life.  She spoke out against nuclear armament, the plight of coal miners, and other injustices. She could sometimes be seen joining a protest demonstration, never a violent one, and always for a needy or suffering group.