Age 66

Sister Gail Anne Jarvis was a Sister of Mercy for 41 years. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Trinity College in Burlington, Vermont. She began her ministry before she entered the Sisters of Mercy. She worked summers at St. Anne’s Shrine in Isle LaMotte, Vermont as Chapel Coordinator and Shrine Receptionist in the mid-late 70s. She became Religious Education Coordinator, Pastoral Assistant in area Catholic parishes, a Religion teacher at Mater Christi School, and worked in Arts and Crafts at Camp Marycrest. Later she served as a home care provider. Sister Gail Anne wrote articles for several parish newspapers. Her great joy over the last several years was as a DJ for Christian public radio, where she touched many lives and developed great friendships with her fellow DJs.

In Sister Gail Anne’s ministry with immigrants and people in need, she assisted in finding employment, listened as they shared their struggles, and served as a bridge of compassion between generous friends and those in need in the weekly distribution of food.

Sister Gail Anne will be remembered for her sense of humor peppered with puns, compassion, fondness for cardinals, blowing of bubbles, devotion to Saint Anne, and courage and strength in coping with her medical issues over many years.