Age 83

Sister Margaret Deegan, RSM, realized at the age of four she was destined to become a Sister of Mercy when she learned she could not attend the local Catholic school her siblings attended because there were not enough sisters to staff it. At that point she decided to respond to a need and become a sister.

Fourteen years later, she entered the Sisters of Mercy in Rochester, New York, adopting the motto, “Christ is my life.” She earned a bachelor’s degree in music from Nazareth College in Rochester, New York, and a master’s degree in liturgy from Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

Sister Margaret taught elementary school and music for 12 years at elementary schools in the Diocese of Rochester, New York. After earning her master’s degree, she taught for three years at St. Bernard’s Seminary in Rochester, New York, before becoming a liturgy coordinator for eight years at St. Jerome’s parish in Rochester. During part of that time, she also served her community as the director of pre-postulants. Other ministries included registrar at St. Bernard Institute and office manager at the Sisters of Mercy administrative offices in Rochester.

Most recently Sister Margaret served as liturgist and pastoral musician at Mercy Center in Rochester. She led the Sisters of Mercy music group for many years and the liturgical life of the community was greatly enhanced by her musical gifts and leadership.