Age 89

Sister Angela, affectionately called Angie, spent 20+ years in service to the students at Alpha Academy (Jamaica) as the food service manager in the school canteen. Sister Angie ran it like a tight ship and always knew the girls who needed a lunch because they had no money. She always made sure no student went hungry.

When Sister Angie left the Academy, she went in service to her sisters at the Alpha Convent and directed the work of the convent kitchen for 10+ years.  During this time, Sister Angie’s favorite place to be was in the back yard of the convent to tend her fruit trees. Everyone then and now still refers to the large area as “Angie’s Garden,” She loved being able to have fresh fruit on the convent table and give away fruit to those sisters living outside of the Kingston area. Everyone had their share of the endless bounty of Sister Angie’s fruit.

Sister Angie was a solitary, quiet and prayerful woman. COVID-19 and her own ill health kept her pretty much in her room the last several months by choice.

Sister Angie eventually retired to The Claver Home in 2016. She spent her time in prayer and listening to the sisters talk about their work. She was always interested in what was happening.   Of particular interest was her love of politics. She would read the local paper from end to end and could discuss anything related to politics both in the country and out of the country.