Age 91

As a teacher Sister Claude pushed students to live up to their potential; as a volunteer she became a familiar and beloved presence on the fourth floor of St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, New York.

Earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the College of St. Rose, Albany, New York, her first ministries were teaching at St. Agnes in Cohoes, St. Mary’s in Clinton Heights, St. Patrick’s in Johnstown, St. Paul’s in Troy; Sacred Heart of Mary in Watervliet and St. John’s, Rensselaer, (all in New York) where she served as principal for three years. 

After working in the infirmary of the Convent of Mercy in Albany, New York, for a few years, she ministered as the ward clerk at St. Peter’s Health Care Services, as an integral part of the care team and the first person family members met when entering the unit.  When the halls of the rehab unit echoed with laughter, the source was often Sister Claude.  When patients or visitors needed a supportive presence, they could count on Sister Claude to be there for them.  She was a “Mercy presence” to patients, families and staff.  Sister “kept her cool” during emergencies.  She even became reasonably competent at deciphering the handwriting of doctors, although every now and then, in the interest of accuracy, she had to call for help.

A history buff, with particular interest in the Civil War, in her spare moments, she was often found devouring a tome on the topic.  She never outgrew her childhood delight in snow or her love of all animals, especially cats. She lavished attention on her favorite feline, Tigger.